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Tony’s story

“I am so happy today, I just received a call this morning telling me I’ve gotten my dream full time job with a digital media company in London! A couple…

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“Ever Ancient 1061 – Ever New 2015” – A Vision for the Future

The Shrine is visited by thousands of pilgrims of all ages who represent the various localities and communities of England. For example, The Youth 2000 pilgrimage is attended by hundreds of…

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Cardinal Hume Centre

“Once you have experienced losing everything, you’ve got nothing more to lose and the only way is to go back up. The only thing you have is your life and…

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Apostleship of the Sea

In June last year, a Filipino seafarer was airlifted to hospital with severe burns after a fire in the engine room of a tanker off the Whitby coast. As always, AoS…

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