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How bccs helps children in schools

For the academic year 2014/15, funding given to bccs was used to deliver a service to a group of schools, in a specific area, for three days a week as…

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Elaine’s story

Elaine (not her real name) in her mid-20s was in an increasingly volatile relationship with her partner of 3 years. She said ‘We argue every day. We spend about 70% of our…

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Sam’s story

Hi, my name’s Sam. When I was 16 my relationship with my parents broke down. I ended up leaving home and spent a week sleeping on London buses. Social Services…

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Helping new Catholics find their feet

Faith, we are told, is the gift of Almighty God. Jack Lusted converted to Catholicism following almost 25 years of ministry as a clergyman in the Church of England. Jack…

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