Why leave a legacy?

Whether you want to support a local cause such as your parish or diocese, provide for vulnerable families in the UK or help overseas communities and parishes, a legacy could be the most far-reaching gift you ever make.

Writing a Will allows you to provide for the people and causes close to your heart. Alongside loved ones, many people choose to remember their favourite charities that they trust to do good work and protect their values.

Remembering a charity in your Will needn’t cost you a penny during your lifetime and it can help to reduce the taxable value of your estate. As well as being a powerful force for good in the future, a legacy is also a very practical way to support your favourite cause.

UK work

Legacies help to bring hope to thousands, life-saving aid to those most in need, and God's love in time of crisis. Read how legacies are making a difference to people in the UK today.

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Overseas work

Legacies received today are crucial for the survival of many charitable services. Without them they simply couldn't deliver their life-saving and changing work. Read stories of the real impact a legacy can bring to people and communities overseas.

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Supporter Voices

Every year hundreds of people remember a charity in their will. Here are some stories from people that did. They all have their own individual reasons for leaving a gift in their will, but they are all united by the wish to benefit future generations and make a difference to the world that they leave behind. What will be Your Catholic Legacy?

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