World Villages for Children

World Villages for Children raises funds for the charity programmes of the Sisters of Mary, who establish schools to provide education for the poorest children around the world. With a place at school, these children have their lives transformed. They get the chance to enjoy a proper childhood, receive a good education and learn vocational skills tailored to local industries which will, in time, help them to get paid employment.

Once in work, these children can become independent adults, able to support not just themselves but their families and community members – reducing poverty and improving access to healthcare for many more people in need.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, more than 150,000 children have already graduated from these programmes and thousands more lives have been changed for the better.

Today there are over 20,000 children in the care of the Sisters but there are many thousands more still living in poverty. Children whose lives are plagued by hunger and neglect. Leaving World Villages for Children a gift in your will means that together we can help even greater numbers of boys and girls to escape their lives of poverty. Your gift will help ensure these children have someone to care for them and that they learn skills which will help them to find work and become independent. Your kindness will continue to change the lives of these children, and those to come, for the better.

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Office Address: Kings Buildings, 16 Smith Square, London SW1P 3HQ

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Case Studies

“The Sisters of Mary is a living example of charity at its best”

“The Sisters of Mary is a living example of charity at it’s best- giving without expecting anything in return.”, Adonis Sulit 2017 Adonis Sulit was a poor and undernourished young...

“There are so many children who need our help” – Sister Margie Cheong

Each year the Sisters of Mary programmes, funded by World Villages for Children, care for 20,000 children in their schools in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil and the Philippines. The children...