Caritas Anchor House

“Without Caritas Anchor House gave me back who I am, and probably a little bit more. I’ve achieved so much, and I couldn’t be more proud.”– Debbie, resident of Caritas Anchor House

Caritas Anchor House is a homelessness charity in the London Borough of Newham, where one in 24 people have nowhere to live – the highest in the country.

We offer a roof over the heads of those we support, and are driven by our mission to ensure that each person who walks through our doors goes on to lead independent, fulfilling lives. We support our residents to address the causes of their homelessness, and to overcome any barriers they may face by providing education, guidance and personal rehabilitation.

A gift to Caritas Anchor House would help us to act as a beacon of hope to more people than ever before. Your support will leave a lasting legacy of hope, and ensure that our work continues to turn around the lives of those without a place to call home.

No-one should become homeless, and together we can make sure that those who do receive the support and care they need to ensure they do not have to face it again.

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