Making a difference

The money given in the regular collection probably covers only the basic running costs of your parish. But a gift in your Will could fund a special project, and have a significant impact. It is an opportunity to put your faith into action through supporting the work of the Church locally, in the Diocese or nationally. For example:

Your Parish

  • Structural improvements, to make existing buildings more welcoming and accessible
  • Providing new meeting rooms and facilities for the parish and the local community
  • Supporting ministry to young people or the elderly
  • Reaching out to change lives in the community through welfare and mission programmes

Your Diocese

You may choose to leave a gift to the diocese, so that they can put it to use where the need is greatest, for example: supporting poorer parishes; funding regional projects for young people; training new priests, deacons and laity; supporting retired priests; maintaining the Cathedral. For more information, please contact your local Diocese.

Check on the ‘Our Members’ page to see if your local Diocese is a member of Your Catholic Legacy and provides more information about legacies on this website.


The Catholic Church in England and Wales sponsors a number of important national projects, for example: the Parliamentary Internship Project, giving young people an insight into the workings of Parliament and our Catholic agencies; the promotion of vocations to the priesthood and religious life; Prison ministry including Catholic chaplaincy and encouraging prisoners in their faith; and helping to address global issues, such as migration and modern slavery.

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