“The Sisters of Mary is a living example of charity at its best”

World Village (CS2)

Adonis addresses the school in front of Father Al Schwartz, Founder of the Sisters of Mary.

“The Sisters of Mary is a living example of charity at it’s best- giving without expecting anything in return.”, Adonis Sulit 2017

Adonis Sulit was a poor and undernourished young boy when he met the Sisters of Mary in 1992 in Silang, the Philppines.  Today he is Assistant Secretary, Department of Justice in the Philippines.

One of seven children, he was lifted out of a life of dreadful poverty in Batangas, Philippines by the chance of a place at a Sisters of Mary School. He describes starting school in 1992 as ‘one of the most emotional moments of my life’. He thrived with the care of the Sisters and he worked hard, knowing that the hopes of his whole family rested upon him.

On leaving school in 1996, the Sisters helped Adonis to find a place at University in the Philippines and he went on to study political science and get a law degree. In 2000 he passed the Philippines Bar exam and he has worked and studied hard ever since to keep up the spirit of the Sisters programmes and to ensure that the care he received is shared with those who were not as fortunate.

World Village (CS2) Adonis and family

Adonis with his family

From such a poor and humble beginning, Adonis has used the opportunities provided by our generous donors to give the rest of his poor family a chance. He has now supported all his six siblings through further education into employment and he is thriving in his career with a young family of his own.

Adonis believes it is what can happen when our donors are so generous to give ‘a poor kid like me a fighting chance to succeed and become a productive part of society’.

Adonis is just one of more than 150,000 children who with the support of our donors, had the chance of a place at a Sisters of Mary School and whose lives have been transformed by the generosity of your gifts.

Posted on: July 20th, 2018