Sam’s story

Hi, my name’s Sam.

When I was 16 my relationship with my parents broke down. I ended up leaving home and spent a week sleeping on London buses. Social Services put me in a bed & breakfast for six months, it was good to have a place to sleep but it was dirty, I had cockroaches in my room, and I felt very alone. I was the youngest there and had no-one to talk to or to help me. There were lots of fights and arguments happening at night and I was scared to stay there. I was told I would only be there for a few weeks until more appropriate accommodation was found, but I was still there after 6 months.

Finally my social worker came to visit me and realised my living situation was really bad and I was referred to Depaul’s Westbourne House. The help from Depaul was amazing. The staff were really nice, helpful and welcoming. They helped me feel at home and I clicked with the young people there really quickly, thanks to the cooking sessions they did. They did so much for me, I am forever in debt to the staff at Depaul. They got me back into education and even came with me to college interviews to support me.

I can go on and on about how amazing they were! Their encouragement, support and backing has made an immense difference in shaping my future. I went from being homeless to being selected as a torch bearer in the London Olympics in 2012. I have now moved away for university and am in my first year studying for a degree in aerospace engineering.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Depaul UK you can help more young people when they desperately need it. Your donations really do make a difference – I can vouch for that!

Posted on: October 12th, 2015
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