Prestigious Award Nomination for Caritas Anchor House

Caritas Anchor House has been shortlisted by the Charity Times Awards 2015 category of Social Champion, for which they were Highly Commended Runner-Up in 2014 and 2013. This accolade recognises organisations that have…

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Caritas Anchor House

Every year, Caritas Anchor House gives a home and support to over 220 homeless adults, many of whom have been affected by substance and alcohol misuse, mental health problems, domestic…

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Epsom Project providing a safe and fun space to deprived wards in Liverpool

Epsom Project community and children’s centre is in one of the most deprived wards in the city of Liverpool and some of its 14,300 residents are amongst the most underprivileged areas…

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HCPT’s recent Easter pilgrimage in Lourdes

HCPT’s recent Easter pilgrimage in Lourdes benefited 1,000 disabled and disadvantaged children. This short video contains the highlights from the day of the main Mass of the week. Easter pilgrimage

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