Caritas Anchor House

Every year, Caritas Anchor House gives a home and support to over 220 homeless adults, many of whom have been affected by substance and alcohol misuse, mental health problems, domestic abuse and crime.

The safe and stable environment which we provide helps our residents develop aspirations, confidence and self-esteem, equipping them with the skills they need to build a better life. But, the cornerstone of Caritas Anchor House’s success is identifying, addressing and finally overcoming the root causes of why someone became homeless.

Through our holistic and tailored Aspirations Programme, our Lifestyle Architects work with residents to address the root causes of their homelessness, and help tackle challenges by offering personal rehabilitation, training, volunteering opportunities and job guidance.

By remembering Caritas Anchor House in your Will, you enable us to continue to our vital work with the most vulnerable people in our society, and make a lasting impact on their lives.

Registered Charity Number: 1147794
Registered address: Caritas Anchor House, 81 Barking Road, London, E16 4HB

Case Studies

Through remembering Caritas Anchor House in your Will, you will be helping disadvantaged people like Lee turn their lives around. “I have been at Anchor House for 8 months and I have...

Lee’s time at Caritas Anchor House

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