In the remote parish of Santa Maria Chiquimula, Guatemala, families struggle to survive.

Santa Agripina’s baby son, Jansel, was severely malnourished.

“I cried because I could see he might die”, she remembers.

Thankfully Santa could visit the CAFOD-funded mobile health clinic, where the family received food, medicine and support. With time and expert care, Jansel has regained weight and is now a happy and healthy little boy. The clinic staff save lives and also support families to become self-sufficient. Mothers receive health education training, as well as seedlings and advice to help them establish family vegetable gardens. With this help they can feed their children nutritious fruit and vegetables and sell any surplus crops to raise money.

cafod - Jansel

Santa told us:

”What gave me hope was to take Jansel to the parish health clinic….I thank you for the help you’ve given. Your support is making a real difference to our lives.”


Posted on: October 12th, 2015
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