“The Sisters of Mary is a living example of charity at its best”

“The Sisters of Mary is a living example of charity at it’s best- giving without expecting anything in return.”, Adonis Sulit 2017 Adonis Sulit was a poor and undernourished young…

“There are so many children who need our help” – Sister Margie Cheong

Each year the Sisters of Mary programmes, funded by World Villages for Children, care for 20,000 children in their schools in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil and the Philippines. The children…

A Grand Day Out! – first Grandparents Pilgrimage in Welsh province

Families from many parts of the Welsh province gathered at Belmont Abbey in Hereford for Grandparents pilgrimage

Caritas Anchor House Hosts “Dropping the Anchor”

This October, the residents of Caritas Anchor House were treated to an exclusive performance of live theatre, created especially for them. “Dropping the Anchor” was performed by actor Darren Hart, as…

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